Aug 11, 2009 - The ePassport is the world standard in travel documents. As member of ICAO, the Philippines has an international obligation to enhance the security of its travel documents. The issuance of e-passports will allow the Philippines to offer world-class consular services to its nationals.
Valid until: 09/12/2015


1. Personal appearance is required in all cases (including applicants who are 65 years old and above and minors who are below 18 years old). Application by mail is no longer allowed;

2. Do not bring passport pictures. Passport pictures are to be taken by the Consulate (Pls. see Req. # VI); 3. The applicant must wear decent attire (no sleeveless and/or collarless attire) and without eyeglasses/contact lenses. No facial piercings allowed;

4. Old passport (most recent) and one (1) photocopy of data page/s of old passport (Old passport is returned);

5. Duly accomplished application form signed by applicant, or in case of minor below 8 years old, signed by the parent or legal guardian;

6. For minor children below 18 years old applying for passport renewal and unaccompanied by both parents, notarized Affidavit of Consent to Travel issued by either one of the parents;

7. In the case of applicants who are holding brown-colored passports, PSA-issued birth certificate and marriage certificate (if married), must be submitted. Other proof of identification may be required by the processor as the case requires. The applicant should spell-out his or her middle name (not middle initial) as this will be reflected in the new passport. Holders of green-colored passports are not required to submit documentary proofs of middle name unless the consular officer requires the submission of such documents.